MicroSynergies ® Contract Fermentation

About Our Contract Fermentation Capabilities


MicroSynergies®  has helped arrange contract fermentations for our customers for over 10 years. Depending on the organism(s) you'd like, our partner manufacturers offer flexible pricing and logistical solutions, including:

  • Human or agricultural grades

  • Tank sizes from bench-top fermentors to 20,000L+

  • Pricing based on tank or cell-count

  • Manufacturing in the United States or Canada

  • Non-standard species or strains

  • ATCC-registered strains

  • Raw organisms or blended-to-specification

  • One-time orders or standing orders

  • Organic certifiable cultures

  • Flexible final packaging options

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MicroSynergies® LLC is a privately held United States company, specializing in the procurement, formulation, and contract fermentation of beneficial organisms including bacteria, yeasts, and fungi for use in human, animal, agricultural, and industrial applications.

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